free advice to clients on issues relating to quality, production, safety and importance of corrosion control techniques for both upstream and downstream applications

Training and Qualification Seminars

Depending upon enduser specific requirements, we can provide seminars for the training and qualification of personnel.
Our range of this service includes:

1) Management / executive appraisal programs
2) CP design and engineering courses for pipeline and refinery engineers
3) Corrosion and cathodic protection basics
4) CP System monitoring and maintenance
5) CAT, DCVG, CIPS and interference surveys

The training can be arranged at TechnoCorr offices, customer’s offices or on-site depending upon end-user requirements and number of participants. The program content is finalised in consultation with the client and includes tests, appraisals, assignments and field work for performance evalution.

Monitoring & Maintenance

TechnoCorr’s monitoring and maintenance programs are designed to help the clients to reduce costs and improve their competitive market position. Our approach is to provide solutions which allow companies to focus on their core business, while we take care of their facilities and assets.
For customers that have existing or newly deployed cathodic protection or corrosion monitoring systems, we can take over the monitoring and maintenance of these systems on an annual basis or through long term contracts where we ensure your systems continue to provide corrosion protection.

We can retrofit your systems with remote monitoring and control modules and routinely check up on your systems without a single visit to your site!

Risk Based Inspection& Failure Analysis

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) combines the likelihood of failure due to degradation with the consequence, informing the choice of inspection intervals and methods.
RBI can be used to confidently extend inspection intervals and to target inspection methods at the right damage mechanisms, which carry the most risk.
RBI is most effective when inspection intervals are reviewed based on actual equipment deterioration. Due to the very large volume of data, business intelligence solutions form an important part of the review process.
TechnoCorr can help gather and maintain the data needed to optimize an RBI program. We can do the initial review, prepare inspection work packs and advise on inspection intervals and methods.
Failure analysis serves to determine remedial actions, or design improvements, to prevent recurrence of failure after replacement (or repair) of failed equipment, and thus the prevention of further undesirable safety and economic consequences.
Failure analysis can provide impartial and consistent diagnoses of the sequence of damage. This capacity is typically required when you need to confirm whether failure was induced by equipment service history or by manufacturing defects.
We can help you make sense of inspection data though custom developed business intelligence solutions.

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International Technical Partners

M.C. Miller, USA

TechnoCorr is an authorized distributor of M.C. Miller products in India. Our distribution channel understands the end user needs, to deliver our customers the optimal experience in terms of purchase, service and support.

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ICCC and Rustrol®, Canada

TechnoCorr is an authorized distributor of ICCC products in India.
With 60+ years’ experience in the Corrosion Control/Cathodic Protection business, ICCC is highly qualified to offer sound engineering design and high quality products to meet the expectations of worldwide customers.

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