Cathodic Protection

TechnoCorr’s NACE accredited Cathodic Protection, Corrosion & Coating specialists work together to fight against corrosion, which is a common industrial threat that can leads to untoward incidents and even catastrophic failure of assets.
The mission of Cathodic Protection Division is to support and promote the use of CP technology and products for oil & gas, petroleum, marine, water and utility industrial applications.
The CP division review and develop tailor made CP system based on the client specifications and internationally recognised standards. Cathodic protection division also provides guidance and standards to clients for the design of suitable corrosion control method like galvanic anode, impressed current anode OR a combination of both depending on the surrounding environment. This division also carries out investigative surveys and detail troubleshooting of installed CP system along with closed monitoring & maintenance.
Finally, the CP division provides free advice toclients on issues relating to quality, production, safety and importanceof corrosion control techniques for both upstream and downstream applications.