Telecommunications infrastructure is essential to the health and vitality of a community. TechnoCorr’s Fiber Splicers and Data Network Engineers often work around the clock to keep our Customer's networks up and running. Day or night, our Teammates are on the job prepping splice cases, performing hot cut splices for new Customer fiber laterals, or using OTDRs to trace and troubleshoot network errors causing unplanned network outages.
Our team works with any fiber count and any type of cable including single mode, multimode, hybrid, loose tube or ribbon. Teammates specializing in this area receive ongoing training in fiber splicing and network testing procedures as we continually reinvest into our splicing program. Our well-trained workforce utilizes the latest splicing technology, up to date equipment and fiber-friendly mobile splice labs to assure faster turn-up times with less down time for our Customers. Whether you are in need of Underground, Aerial or Inside Facility installations, Team TechnoCorr can meet your organization’s specific needs and deliver the most comprehensive solution in the industry.