At TechnoCorr Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to providing specific and comprehensive Cathodic Protection services in India for you. Our expert team takes care of Design, Engineering, Erection, Commissioning, Monitoring & Maintenance, Technical Auditing, Troubleshooting, Research, Inspection and Consultancy services evaluating your business requirements. We also have the expert knowledge to train young minds in Cathodic Protection and conduct training courses for the same either at TechnoCorr Cochin office or at client premises depending on specific requirements.

Well Casing

TechnoCorr Engineering Pvt. Ltd is well versed in providing specific Cathodic Protection services covering CP for Well Casing ranging from oil, gas, and water Well Heads. Wells and vessels are part of the storage mechanism and Corrosion defects in them can adversely affect the transportation and quality of commodities ruining the entire operation flow. Our experts consider soil corrosivity, size of casing and type of casing beforehand. To date, our experts have designed and maintained more than 2000+ well casings that include water, oil and gas services in the upstream industry.

Our technical experts and Cathodic Protection specialists understand the vital need of protecting the surface of steel casing to minimize the external Corrosion rate. It is a meticulous and arduous job that requires veteran knowledge and skills because there will be design intricacies. Our well casing Cathodic Protection ensures there will be no Corrosion occurring on bare steel casing. The hybrid CP system designed by our Specialists can prevent Corrosion occurring at the neck/collar of a Xmas tree. If you fail to provide proper Cathodic Protection, the Corrosion effects may impose high HSE risk due to possible loss of containment and repairing such leaks in the casing / well abandonment will drain huge amounts of money. The installation and maintenance of adequate Cathodic Protection extend the design life of the well and are a viable solution for businesses.

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