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Delivering the best Cathodic Protection services will be guaranteed with world-class raw materials and products from us. We are the leading and authorized distributor of world-class Cathodic Protection products in India. You can contact us directly for your Cathodic Protection product requirements and our expert team will guide you and get a swift quote. With us, you can rest assured that products are of high quality.

Building consortium for Cathodic Protection services

At TechnoCorr Engineering Pvt. Ltd, we have human resources who are adept in all aspects of Corrosion Management and Engineering. Our world-class Corrosion Control service is the result of the unwavering commitment and veteran experience of our expert NACE CP Specialist team. Apart from providing Corrosion services in India and the Middle East, we are extending our expertise in Cathodic Protection services to reach out to a diaspora of clients breaking geographical barriers.

Tie up for Cathodic Protection services

TechnoCorr Engineering Pvt. Ltd is a leading Cathodic Protection service provider in India. We also tie up with companies who want to provide world-class and fail-proof Cathodic Protection related services to their clientele. Our team is fully equipped to meet the various requirements of Cathodic Protection services. Our in-house warehouse and office along with international connections make the product and service delivery on time to the right place. No matter wherever you are, Corrosion services can be delivered quickly and efficiently. In UAE and Qatar, we already collaborate with prominent Oil & Gas service providers to deliver optimal Cathodic Protection systems.

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M.C.Miller,USA – Trusted by Corrosion Engineers Worldwide,

is a renowned provider of Corrosion Protection measuring and analyzing devices, like precision data loggers, current interrupters, reference electrodes, voltmeters and many more. Please visit for the complete details of products and technical data sheets.

Interprovincial Corrosion Control Company (ICCC),Canada

provides professional engineering services and the supply and manufacture of various Corrosion Control/Cathodic Protection materials. ICCC’s Rustrol product line is accepted worldwide for AC interference mitigation and is manufactured to the most current ATEX (European), IECEx (International), KCS (Korean) and QPS (North America) Certifications., exceeding “all” competitors certifications worldwide. Please visit for the complete-featured products and technical data sheets.

DEHN International,Germany

a worldwide leading lightning risk mitigation company, specializes in engineering solutions for surge protection, lightning protection, and safety equipment. DEHN India has drawn decades of expertise from DEHN SE to offer a remarkable array of patented products and stringent practices for the uptime reliability of your business. TechnoCorr is the exclusive distributor of DEHN pipeline products in Southern India region, including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telegana & Andra Pradesh. Please visit for the complete-featured products and technical data sheets.

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